In Ferthis Castle, wines born in the middle of the wineyard of Bordeaux (France).

Welcome to Ferthis Castle, a wineyard rich of memories. Four generations of winemakers, one thing in common : realizing high-quality wines while respecting natural environment. Château Ferthis, un vignoble empreint d’histoire. Quatre générations de viticulteurs, un point commun : le désir de réaliser d’excellents vins tout en respectant la Nature.

Only one important soil can generate a prestigious wine : this philosphy is very important to me. Ferthis Castle is exclusive because we take care of grapevine everyday and because we care about its soil. From year to year, making concording natural environment with our production of wine leads our daily work. A real harmony !

Stéphane Eymas


The story begins with my great-grandfather who called Ulysse. He was a nursery gardener and winemaker in Reignac (Gironde, France). In January 1923, he acquires Saint-Ciers's memorial. At the beginning, only 4 hectares can be exploited. One month later, his son called René borns. René will success to his father at the end of the second World War. Also the plot will grow from 4 to 10 hectares. During this time, René marries Ginette Falmer, who possesses her own wineyard and who's of Charente origin.


Whatever its colour (red, white or pink) and its vintage year, our wine offers a real value for money, with production costs absolutely secured. We produce in the respect of the Environment High Value Certification (french label).


Strong and woody red wines, white wines with floral notes… Each one is coming from tradition and is the result of a good exposition among hillsides well placed. Performance is decent but it's enough to provide an exceptional quality.

La cave de Bellevue

I have always wanted a friendly place, where people can share pleasant moments. A place where we can introduce our wines and make the time becoming one discovery.This winery based in Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde offers these promises, and more !